Mickey Mouse

As an investigation into the logographic qualities of cartoon characters, 48 people were asked to draw Mickey Mouse according to the image they had in their head. The result became a booklet that folds out into a poster.

The main text explores the bounderies of what a logo could be, i.e. the recognizability of people and objects as brands. A secondary text is a transcript of the Mickey Mouse Club March, a song that was sung in a television show called the Mickey Mouse Club, that featured during the ending of Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket.

It was conceived as part of a project called the Grey Press, which was a digital private press which tried to control as many element of the design process as possible. Both typefaces in this design were made for the Grey Press.

client: the Grey Press | date: 2008 | format: screen-printed poster, edition of 50 | size: 36,2 x 54,3 cm