Witte Zaal Newsletter

Design for the newsletter (booklet, e-mail, banner) for the exhibitions Die Wasserüben und der Kohl and EXTRA Figures Futur, featuring work of Ronald Ophuis, Wilfried Vandenhove, Jan Van Imschoot and Lotte Van De Walle at the Witte Zaal in Ghent, Belgium.

The bilingual booklet serves as the basis for all media. With the English and Dutch texts — on respectivly the left and right pages — a space is created, which serves as a “table” on which the artworks are layered. One pile of pictures for each of the exhibitions, which are combined on the cover.

client: Witte Zaal (BE) | date: 2008, year 4, issue 3 | format: 16 page booklet, email and banner | size: 14,8 x 21 cm