WT Posters

These collaborations are posters made for various reasons in and around the Werkplaats Typografie.

For Edouard Louis Joseph — Le Cannibale — Merckx is a poster that was designed for no particular purpose. It is based upon a pattern found on an old jersey from Merckx that I wanted to hang up above my desk. 5 extra copies were made for the 2009 NY Art Book Fair, one copy for every time that le Canibale won the Tour de France or the Giro d’Italia .

This poster was conceived together with Hyo Kwon. Around the same time that she wanted to throw a house warming party and I wanted to do a birthday party. So we ended up joining forces and made this invitation.

Poster / invitation that announced The Complete Truth About De-Evolution. It was screened in 2008 as part of the series of movie-nights at the Werkplaats Typografie.

Poster designed during a workshop by Leonardo Sonnoli at the Werkplaats Typografie. It was a reflection on the local Arnhem politics concerning a dazzle ship patterned drug boat. The expression to pass the buck means to deny one’s responsibility and reroute the problem to somebody else. It was popularized by the 33th US President Harry S. Truman, whom had a sign saying the buck stops here! on his desk in the Oval Office.

client: self initiated & Werkplaats Typografie (NL) | date: 2008 - 2009 | format: posters | size: various