This is not
a love song

This publication was a close collaboration with the artist and jack of all trades: Hester Keijser. It served as the posters and exhibition guide for This is not a love song, an exhibition at the only photography gallery of Dubai (UAE): the Empty Quarter.

The six Palestinian artists in the show share an introductionary essay. The publication is split up in 2 colours: one for each language. The colours then blend together in the imagery. The personal sections are then further split up into 2 functions: they serve as an explanation of the work and a poster announcing the event.

Since the client wanted to echo the DIY attitude of the punk movement, the 7 A3’s were stencil printed, folded and glued together in the spine. This leaves the choice to the reader: he can read it as is or rip it apart to hang the posters. It was typeset in Franklin Gothic and Massira (béta), a currently unreleased font by Pascal Zoghbi.

client: the Empty Quarter | date: 2010 | format: 28 page booklet, 6 posters and 2 exhibition panels | size: 29,7 x 21 cm & varied sizes