The Plaque Découpée Personnalisée is the result of further experimentation with the Plaque Découpée Universelle. These 18 fonts were made as part of “Feed the Library”, an installation by the Werkplaats Typografie during the 2010 NY Art Book Fair, where as an alternative economical method to expand the library of the WT, objects were being swapped. When discussing with Gregory Dapra which font I’d contribute for this, we where also discussing how to best show a typeface within the context of a fair. We decided that he’d make the specimen using the habitual test strings of the year 11 & 12 W T participants when they are evaluating a typeface.

Each glyph of the 18 weights is constructed using the PDU stencil. The lowercase is based on a cleaned-up version of the uppercase alphabet as F. A. David envisioned it. The capitals of each font are a random selection of alternate glyphs. The 18 typefaces where then named following the internal W T habit of referring to people’s initials within the context of emails, iCal, …

The quirky glyphs of the PDP have now been incorporated in the release version of PDU that is available through Colophon Foundry.

weights: AD, AHa, AHö, BE, CN, GB, GD, IC, IM, IV, LG, LL, MD, MS, MZ, NV, SF & SK | date: 2010 | format: Opentype | state: published during the 2010 NY Art Book Fair