De Zolder
Van Duitsland

This book finalizes the architectural investigation by Seth de Rooij, into both the Erlwein-Speicher and the way the Germans digest their past. Since it is almost entirely made up of cast concrete, this building was one of the few left standing after the heavy bombardments of the second World War. The author proposes to renovate the warehouse into an attic for Germany that would contain a selection of artworks dealing with their history.

Together with the author we decided to emphasize the non-linearity of his process. This resulted in a denial of the hierarchy of the book. The book contains no page numbers and has been set in 2 type sizes: 1 for the headlines, text, … and 1 for the colophon and footnotes. The map on the foldout takes over these functions, as an alternative to the common table of contents.

client: ArtEZ Press (NL) & de Jonge Hond (NL) | date: 2010 | format: 128 pages with 6 page foldout cover | size: 17 x 24 cm