Kraliçe Marble

I was invited by SALT to kick off their curated typographical exhibit / date-stamp that is their new identity. The Kraliçe Marble version was used for their online and printed matter from September until December 2011.

Kraliçe is a typographic system by Project Projects that explores the transformation of immaterial goods through networks. Originally created as the identity program for SALT, a new cultural institution in Istanbul, Kraliçe is an open system that allows for accrued meaning over time. The institutional mark is distributed throughout the typeface as the four letters S-A-L-T. New designers will be invited to reinterpret these four embedded characters on an ongoing basis, thereby reframing both the typeface and institutionís identity. The typeface may also come to find usages and audiences beyond its intended context for SALT.

The bespoke shapes are a reference to both the mainstream Turkish design culture where everything needs to have an effect, as well as the marble and mirrored surfaces inside and in the vicinity of the buildings of SALT. However, this mirror / marble effect also contains a second layer: the logo of the corporation behind the institution. This Turkish bank sponsors funds the institution in a country where there is second to none governmental support for the Arts. But since there is no logo, it stays fragmented and only appears when SALT is referenced within a text.

client: SALT (TR) | date: 2011 | format: custom lettering