Still Light

This publication commemorates the body of work that Hidenori Mitsue created since moving from Japan to the Netherlands. It is divided into 2 stages, a first half with essays and a second half with a selection of the body of work created from 2005 until 2011. Between both sections is a visual bridge of different exhibitions from the same period.

The essays are translated into three languages (Dutch, Enlgish and Japanese) with their own respective colos (orange, British racing green and purple). Because of the different translations, small thumbnails are used in the texts to reference the larger images in the second half of the book. The edges are gilded in fluorescent pink.

client: Hidenori Mitsue (JP) & Kunstsporen (NL) | date: 2012 | format: 100 pages, trilingual | size: 17 x 24 cm