Interieur 2010

This proposal for the graphic design pitch of Interieur 2010, the interior biennale in Kortrijk (BE) was made together with Stef Cuypers. A prior fascination for CAD typefaces — the MAD family of typefaces — was sourced for the proposal. For the rest, the pitch is self- explanatory:

In 1966 Bruno Munari published “Design as Art”, which contains some of his views on design. One of the book’s essays “And That’s Not All” exemplifies an object with many variations on one theme: the chair.

Since a chair is part of the repertoire of many interior designers and architects, one could almost state that there is such a thing as a “skeleton-chair”, which has many functions and even more solutions regarding their inherent problems.

As a graphic designer, every book you make is a new attempt to create the perfect book. This idealised book is a complex model to which you strive for in every project. You could say that these complexities inherent to book design are similar to the different problems one encounters when designing a chair.

To reflect this complexity we propose an identity which is adaptable towards each specific need. We propose that the current logo is reduced to its skeleton, which we prominently space out, over every medium. To do this we made a typeface, which is based on the different typefaces you find in AutoCad — an application that many 3D-designers use.

This skeleton could be seen as the side view of a chair. Depending on which direction you are looking at the chair, you start to see the different planes of the object. We propose to use the logo as the skeleton of an object, which gets transformed by approaching it from different directions.

client: Interieur Foundation Kortrijk (BE) | date: 2009 | format: concept