MAD is an acronym for Machine Aided Design. This direct reference to CAD — the acronym of Computer-Aided Drafting and Computer-Aided Design — reveals this typeface’s starting point. Since early printing of CAD plans was done with plotters that drew every single line of the design, special typefaces had to be designed for the dimensions and other information. These were constructed out of lines and not outlines of shapes. With their rendering dictated by the resolution of the output device, their final form was subject to change.

When making CAD drawings, a fascination for these program’s inherent typefaces arose. These six single-line fonts are a reinterpretation that allows this concept to be adapted to other software. Besides a varying thicknesses, more options — such as different brushes — now belong to the possibilities.

weights: Serif, Serif Italic, Serif Bold, Serif Bold Italic, Sans & Sans Bold | date: 2009 | format: Opentype | state: unpublished